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Living History: Herkimer County - Ace of Diamonds Mine
If you think this looks like just a pile of rocks, think again. the Ace of Diamonds mine in Middleville is home to these huge outcrops of dolostone that date back hundreds of millions of years. and inside the rocks? A unique crystal you can only find in central NY.
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Summer is the perfect time of year to get out with the family and see what mining is all about. Contact us today about your next visit.

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Anne and I have been mining these amazing crystals since 1994 at the Ace of Diamonds mine in Middlevilee, NY.

The mine is owned and operated by Ted and Anita Smith and has been in the family for years.

Our faceted, natural crystals are reputed to be the clearest quartz in the world and are very desirable. We guarantee that our featured faceted Herkimer Diamonds are genuine and come directly from the miner to you. Enjoy our wonderful collection of Herkimer jewelry.

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